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TV programme aired on Press TV. Made by Telemaco.

Start CreditsEdit

A documentary by: Giulietto Chiesa, Franco based on a idea by .... with Dario Fo ...

Producers ....

Cinematographers Christian...

Narrator - Tim Sparkle

9-11 NY footage by ....


Editor... Directed by Franco fracassi,Francesco Trento

End CreditsEdit

Running orderEdit

911 phone call from victim on the 83rd? floor.

George W. Bush quote: "Wanted Dead or Alive"

Lecturer - Nafeez - on why FBI don't evidence to endict UBL.

Quote from Robert Fisk, The Independent


Interview of survivor, Brian Clark.

Discussion by Dario Fo 'nobel peace

Quote by Frank De Martini, engineer

Interview with Professor Steven Jones

Louie Cacchioli - NYPD (in Italian)

Quote by Morgan Reynolds

Discussion of NIST report by...

Back to Dario Fo (in italian)

Quote by Frank De Martini

Speak by Jamie L? 911 truth movement

Dario Fo on Windsor tower in Madrid

Back to Brian Clark

Photo of woman hanging out of building

Quote by Paul Craig Roberts

"NIST tests were carried out by Underwriters Labs"

Back to 9/11 truth guy Les Jamieson?

Kevin Ryan former Underwriters Labs manager - also on

italian guy on physics (Paolo Marini)

Dario Fo on Building 7 Steven Jones on Building 7

..... Paolo Marini again

End creditsEdit

...... from an investigation by...

screenplay by...

Produced by Thomas Torelli for TPF Telemaco.

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