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Anna Allison was one of the victims on Flight 11.

  • Three sites with full list of survivors, plus photos and stories -

[1] [2] [3]

Anna S. Allison was on the plane that struck 1 World Trade Center. She was on her way to visit a client in Los Angeles.

Mrs. Allison was an independent, spirited adventurer, who loved to travel, Mr. Allison said. Last year, she started her own company, A2 Software Solutions in Boston, where she and her husband lived.


Blake Allison was a wine appreciation instructor at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Massachusetts. His future wife, Anna, was a student. "She took a couple of courses before we went out," said Mr. Allison, a professional wine- taster. "I was slow to get the hint."

When they "could swing it," they would travel together, Mr. Allison said. About 18 months ago, they went to France, visiting Paris and Alsace. They also toured Burgundy, where Beaujolais is produced, and Champagne, where the original Champagne is made. "Every day was a new opportunity for her," Mr. Allison said. "Because there were new opportunities, there was always hope of doing something good. That's the way she lived her life."


Blake Allison husband.

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