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Amer Kamfar
Born Amer Mohammed Kamfar
Residence Makkah Province Wikipedia, Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi
Other names Amer Taiybkamfar, John
Ethnicity Arab
Occupation Pilot & Turbojet engineer
Known for Wrongly accused of being a 9/11 hijacker
Religion Muslim
Children 5

Amer Mohammed Kamfar ( ʿĀmar Muḥammad Kamfār) is a licensed Saudi pilot and turbojet engineer (also referred to as Amer Taiybkamfar, but who personally preferred the name John) who was initially reported to be one of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11. Later he was described as (his) name appeared on the list of passengers on board the United Airlines flight[1].


Kamfar's drivers' license was issued in Venice, Los Angeles, California Wikipedia, where he had lived until moving to Vero Beach in June 2000. His address in Vero Beach was 2095 Ninth Place, which he rented. His lease indicated that he had worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines for 18 years, and had five children between 4 and 16 years old. (Neighbour Jack Rhodes stated only "three young children".[2])

FBI ReportEdit

When it was discovered he was alive, FBI reports considered him "connected to the attacks" and warned that the Vero Beach, Florida Wikipedia, resident should be considered dangerous as he was likely armed with an AK-47 Wikipedia.[3][4] It was also announced that he drove a silver 1996 Plymouth Voyager Wikipedia with Florida license-plate D97 RFU, although he would later come forward and announce he had never owned any such car.[citation needed]

Later StoriesEdit

Later stories claimed he was the victim of identity theft and one of the actual hijackers had used stolen identity cards, which may explain why he was initially reported to have lived with Abdulaziz al-Omari at several times. The media also painted a suspicious picture of Kamfar, stating that he had "rushed off to Rooms to Go, a furniture store in Vero Beach, and as news of the kamikaze attacks was breaking on a television in the showroom, bought a $1,795 living room set.", while reflecting on the fact his wife wore a Muslim chador Wikipedia.[5]

Kamfar was alternately listed as sharing a post-office box with an unnamed hijacker[6], and living with, or next-door to Abdulaziz al-Omari, or next-door to, Adnan Bukhari or Hani Hanjour, the latter which is an odd claim since Hanjour never lived in either California or Florida.[7]

Following 9/11Edit

He was later found to have returned to Makkah Province Wikipedia in Saudi Arabia, and cooperated with ongoing investigations.